Bullying legislation in New York town punishes parents

North Tonawanda, New York

A mother of a boy who was bullied right in front of her has helped push through legislation in a small New York town which punishes the parents of bullies.

In the town of North Tonawanda, New York, just north of Buffalo, parents can now be fined $250 and/or sent to jail for 15 days if their kid bullies another kid.

The push for the new law was spearheaded by Victoria Crago, who says her son was brutally attacked right in front of her. She said her son was sucker punched in the face.

She went into action, pushing her local lawmakers to pass a sweeping new law in an attempt to hold somebody accountable in these types of incidences. City officials said they hope the new law never has to be enforced and their goal is to force parents to engage with their children doing the bullying.

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