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Laptops causing some concerns at Duncan High School

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Principals, teachers and parents of students at Duncan high school are concerned about how students are using the new chrome book laptops they received at the start of the school year. They said some students have been using them to search inappropriate material.

Students in grades 6 through 12 can use the device in the classroom, and at home. A filtering system on each laptop alerts  teachers and parents when students make an inappropriate search.But some students are finding a way to work around the filter.

Superintendent Melonie Hau said it's important for parents to be involved and engaged when it comes to what their kids are searching at home. Just like cellphones, and desktop computers it still needs to be monitored. Hau adds while the device is used as a learning tool, they also want to make sure students are learning to use the internet appropriately.

While the chrome books have helped teachers become more engaged with students, Hau said filters installed in the laptops have alerted them to students who have been using them to make inappropriate online searches.

"We see that as a benefit to the filter and now our counselors can more engaged in intervention for students,it's brought a lot of information to us so that we can be more proactive than reactive to how students are using the devices and what's really going on with students," said Hau.

The filters also have the ability to stop students from gaining access those inappropriate  pages.

"And that was something that was important to us because we knew that we were providing devices to our students that we were providing access to the internet  and we want to make sure that students learn to use the internet appropriately, become good digital citizens, and set boundaries for their searches," said Hau.

The system remains activated when students bring their chrome books home, but  Hau says students are given a little bit more freedom outside of school.  

"For instance we may block Youtube for certain classrooms during the day because we want students to be focused on their learning and Youtube may not be a part of a particular lesson that day, but students will be able to access Youtube at night," said Hau.

Another big concern is students who are use  hotspots to access material they are not allowed to look at.

"Students are savvy on devices, and just like kids can work their way around boundaries or restrictions some students are able to find ways around the the filter but we monitor the filter continuously throughout the day we monitor hot spot use throughout the day and if students are going around the filter we are able to see when that is happening and restrict use from their hot spot devices," said Hau.

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