Altus AFB airmen drive tractors during Farm - City Week

Altus AFB airmen drive tractors during Farm - City Week

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Airmen at Altus Air Force Base and farmers in Altus came together this week for the 40th annual Farm – City Week.

The week brings together the two parts of the community, as well as other local business owners, to give them a better understanding of the daily lives of others in their community.

Farm - City Week here in Altus is all about showing unity between Altus Air Force Base and the local agricultural community. Tuesday, farmers got the chance to go up on a C-17 flight and take a look at what some of the airmen do. Wednesday, the tables were turned. Those airmen got to go with the farmers and live a day in their lives. They got to take a tour of a cotton gin, take a look at some farming equipment and even learn how to drive a tractor.

"It was crazy. It's nothing like the car you drive around," Staff Sergeant Nicholas Dastas said.

Dastas is stationed in Altus right now but is originally from Northern California.

"Where I'm at it's just a suburb, I've been to a farm on field trips and stuff as a kid but nothing like this. It's just really cool," Dastas said.

Dastas was one of the airmen that took the farming tour Wednesday. He's only been stationed here for about two weeks but says after Wednesday's events, he's thrilled to see more of the Altus community.

"Having the community be so open to us, especially being the military, just really bringing us in really makes it feel like a new home," Dastas said.

For the last 40 years, that's what Farm City week has been all about, building strong relationships between the farmers and airmen who make Altus the town it is.

"There's nothing stronger than a good base and community relationship and partnership," said Colonel Eric Carney, Commander at Altus Air Force Base. "It's really hard to find the line between the base and community sometimes out here in Altus. It's just another installment of how we try to broaden that and bring the groups together."

Colonel Carney said Altus cannot prosper without that relationship.

"Everything that affects this area affects the community and the base together," Carney said. "Most the issues we have to work on together. We bring a lot of people to the base that are here in the community. The community is very tied to the base."

Farm - City Week continues Thursday with a tour of the dam at Lake Altus - Lugert. There will also be a banquet Thursday night.

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