Duncan Police Department and School district working to find people involved in school fight videos

Duncan Police Department and School district working to find people involved in school fight videos

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A Youtube Page featuring some students fighting at Duncan High School was taken down and it's now led to an investigation by the school District and the Duncan Police Department. They are now working to determine who's involved in the fights, and who posted them to social media.

Several people said kids should not be fighting on school grounds, and posting the fights to social media is big concern. They said someone could end up getting seriously hurt.

Duncan resident Rachel Stephens said fighting at school is a problem. 

"Not only does it affect the people that are involved , but it helps create more bullies, it helps create the friends of the friends get picked on, and harassed by people, the people who post it get harassed so it doesn't help anybody," said Stephens.

 "They could be acting out for attention, maybe because both parents are not in the home, or maybe it's the kids they are running with they are just trying to make sure they fit in with the right crowd," said Gilmore.

Duncan resident Abbie Gilmore also agrees. She said people post fights on social media for the wrong reasons.

"I don't see what you would get out of doing that. I think just for attention maybe," said Gilmore.

Detective Bill Fitzhugh with the Duncan police department said the investigation into the fights recorded on school grounds is on-going and the majority of the students in the videos are juveniles But there were others involved who were not students.

"We sorted through them all we know that their are several, we are trying to figure out all were the locations are. Like we know several of them occurred at the school, the school is aware of it, the school resource officer actually gave us some information on it, and that's how we really started looking into it all," said Fitzhugh.

Some of the videos date back to last year and others happened within the last few weeks. Anytime a student fights there is a danger of someone getting seriously injured.

"Someone could fall and bust their head and get brain damage, someone could fall and get injuries, someone could get hit in the wrong spot, and cause actual permanent damage to an individual, they could fracture their eye socket or anything like that," said Fitzhugh.

He said there are several reasons why someone posts the videos on Youtube.

"Probably kids being kids one thing and if they are not involved and they catch it and they think it's exciting and the put it out there for other people to see and they try to get followers that's a part of the reason," said Fitzhugh.

"Social media is kind of a downfall i mean it's got good stuff too but even good post can be taken and people harassing others," said Stephens.

Police have already started the interview process to find out who posted the videos. If they find the people responsible they could face charges from the District Attorney's Office. If you have any information on the case, contact the Duncan Police Department.

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