Lawton cold case murders featured in card deck

Lawton cold case murders featured in card deck
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-They were murdered and their bodies dumped in local creeks.
OSBI hopes a new initiative will help solve six Lawton womens' murders, long believed to be connected, dating back to 1999.

The victims are included in a new deck of cards made for Oklahoma prisoners.
They're being sold to inmates across the state in hopes of getting information on the crimes.
Investigators have been baffled for years on what happened to these six women who were found dead in rural Comanche County creeks.

Five of the women were known prostitutes who frequented economy motels on Cache Road in Lawton.

And according to OSBI, the cause of death on these women is undetermined.

Now their hope is that inmates will shed some light on the mystery of these cases.

 "People never get answers and that's what we are trying to get to them,” said Francia Thompson, OSBI Special Agent.

Thompson said the special deck of cards could be the key to unlocking cold cases across the state.

Featured on one of the cards, 29-year-old Janice Buono is just one of six women who went missing and was later found dead in a creek bed.

Her nude body was found in 2002 in Comanche County, just like the other women.

Thompson said selling cards to inmates with photos on them like Buonos could spark something.

"Some inmates that have had cellmates might say oh I remember my ex-cell mate talking about this case or talking about him killing this person,” said Thompson. “And hopefully, their conscious or enticement of a reward that is attached to that case will make them call our number.”

That information could lead to a reward for the prisoners, but most importantly bring justice to those families who have been searching for a lead for years.

"I think families sometimes think that we forget their cases as investigators and that is not at all the truth. We do get a lot of cases but we never forget about the victims,” said Thompson.

She said some cards have been delivered to DOC facilities.

The money used from the sale of the cards will go right back into the program to make more decks.

"I'm hoping for some success,” said Thompson. “I'm hoping that we can solve some cases and if we solve one it's worth the time and the money and money that's gone into this project. It's worth every bit of it."

Applications are now open for all law enforcement agencies in the state to submit unsolved homicides, missing persons or unidentified body cases at no cost to put a victim in the deck.

Families that want to apply are encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency and ask for their family member to be added on a card.

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