Pride of Oklahoma Band performs for high school students

Pride of Oklahoma Band performs for high school students
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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band is traveling to Dallas for the Red River Shootout this Saturday. On Friday morning, they made a stop at Duncan High School to practice and perform for students, teachers, and OU fans at Halliburton Stadium.

Halliburton Stadium was packed with students from Stephens, Cotton, Jefferson, and Carter counties. The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band performed several tunes including Boomer Sooner, throwback classics like Sweet Caroline, and music from the English Rock band, the Beatles.

Emerson Elementary School fourth grader Alexis Taylor said the performance was amazing.

"I really liked the second one because of the beat, they were really on track of the stuff, and the beat is pretty awesome when they do it,"said Taylor.

Ardmore High School students Emma and Natnya  loved OU's color guard. and hope to learn from their performance.

"I like it! It is really interesting," said Emma.

"Yeah I wish that my color guard could be that awesome we are getting there, but Yeah it's really great," said Natnya.

Pride of Oklahoma Band Director Brian Britt said this a chance for younger students to see what it's like to play in a marching band.

"Maybe some kids don't know what you can do with band all the way into college, and frankly there is a lot of kids who are not thinking about college and if this kind of gets them thinking on that path we are excited  to get them thinking about their future," said Britt.

Chasidy West plays on the Drum line at Duncan High School. She said Friday's performance inspired her to pursue her dreams of becoming part of the OU Marching Band.

"Yes! Like music is my passion and I heard they are pretty good school too, and I never heard bad so that's pretty good. I can't wait I'm going to try and push to get there," said West.

Breigh Hanks is the drum major at Walters High School, and said her favorite part was watching OU drum major Julie Siberts direct the band.

"When you are up there, you feel the excitement, and the crowd is cheering behind you, and you see the band just enjoying themselves, having fun, and I love it," said Hanks.

Siberts said it was amazing to see so many fans, students, and teachers supporting them.

"We are not anywhere near Norman for people to still have that Boomer spirit and to come out and see what we do, and support us it means a huge deal to me," said Siberts.

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