Friend remembers victim on cold case playing cards

Friend remembers victim on cold case playing cards
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton woman was reminded of her friend's brutal murder that happened nearly a decade ago. 

Mimiy McMillian was friends with Tanja Hook.

She's one of the murder victims from Lawton featured on the OSBI's new playing cards.

The state law enforcement agency plans to sell the cards which feature some of the state's cold cases, to prison inmates to gain information.
"I got on my Facebook and I started scrolling down and I saw the homicides,” McMillian. “I already knew it had something to do with her and I looked over on the ace it had her picture and I couldn't stop crying. The same when they found her remains. I knew it was her before I even looked at the paper."

McMillian and Tanya Hook were friends at Lawton High School.

Police say Hook was one of the several women who frequented motels on Cache road and was later found dead.

McMillian said Hook used to date her cousin.

He told her he last saw Hook get into a black truck with an older white man and never saw her again.

"It was so hard,” said McMillian. “We looked at her for so long. They were finding bodies in dumpsters left and right back then. And we were so scared one was going to be her and it just never came."

Under Sheriff James Harryman was one of the original investigators on the case.

He believes Hook was killed in Lawton and her body was later dumped in McClain County.

"This is the only unsolved case we have in McClain County and we sure like to have it solved,” said Harryman. “For the family and just to bring justice for her as the victim. Bring justice and someone to trial, sentence them and give them what they deserve."

McMillian is convinced whoever killed the five women from Lawton who are also featured on the playing cards may have killed Hook.

Her hope is that the cards just get prisoners talking.

"I graduated with my bachelors in criminal justice,” said McMillian. “Criminals talk. No matter what. Nobody keeps a secret to the death. They at least tell one person. They at least leave something behind."

Despite the tragedy she said, the playing cards are the only thing that has brought her optimism that her friend may one-day get the justice she deserves.

"She was a great friend and a beautiful person,” said McMillian. “And I seriously hope she gets justice."
If you would like to add a family member who has been a victim of an unsolved homicide, missing person or unidentified body case to the playing cards deck, OSBI encourages you to contact your local law enforcement agency for an application.

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