Families learn fire safety at 'Coffee and Cars' event

Families learn fire safety at 'Coffee and Cars' event

LAWTON ,OK (KSWO) -Some kids and families in Lawton know a bit more now on what to do if a fire erupts in their home, thanks to the Lawton Fire Department.

It was all a part of the Coffee and cars event along with the Lawton Fire Department.

It's Fire Prevention week, so the Mark Mitchell, the Lawton Fire Marshall took kids and families inside their trailer, turned on the smoke detector and pretended there was real fire.

Mitchell then showed them what to do, like get on the ground, crawl to the door, feel if it's hot on the other side and then go to a safe place.

He says these are the most basic tips that everyone should learn because it can save peoples lives.

"The number one killer is not normally the fire, it's the smoke. You've got to have the smoke detector. The thing this year, nationwide for fire prevention week is every second counts. Know two ways out. What we're talking about it knowing two ways out of your home, so that if the front door is blocked by the fire, you know to go out the back door, side door or window."

Amber Rodriguez and her five year old son, Caleb went through the fire safety course. She is glad he's now aware of what to do and how to save himself if there's ever a fire.

"Extremely important. A lot of kids end up not learning these things and I've seen people have tragic accidents happen with not having any knowledge."

The Fire Marshall says if you don't have a smoke detector already in your home, to get one. And if you have any questions, you can stop by any of the Lawton Fire Stations.

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