Resident asked to evacuate during Velma gas leak

Resident asked to evacuate during Velma gas leak
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]

VELMA, OK (KSWO)- Crews have contained a gas leak at a well site near Velma

It happened Friday night and many residents near the site were asked to leave their homes as a precaution.
It happened on Texaco Road just south of Highway 7.
First responders found a high level of H-2-S in the area, which is a lethal gas.
The update now is the well has been depressurized, which means it is no longer emitting gases.
Crews pumped water into the well to cap it off and contain it completely.

"About 1:45 this morning two sheriff officers came and they were banging on our door, said Patricia Wilkerson, resident. I mean banging hard. We knew something was wrong."

Wilkerson has lived two or three miles from this well site for 10 years.

She said this morning was the only time she's feared for her life.

"It was pretty scary,
said Wilkerson. I mean how you get out fast enough, how close is it, if you smell it, it's too late."

The owner of the well site told 7News a safety alarm was triggered which allowed everyone at the site to evacuate safely.

She didn't have a mandatory evacuation, but was recommended to leave.

However, she decided to stay to protect her dogs.

State Trooper Tyrone Dixon said protecting lives was the reason they had many people evacuate.

"There is definitely a significant danger to not only human life, but as well as to life stock as well,
said Dixon. And that's why we've blocked off the roadways and prohibiting traffic from going down the particular location."

Wilkerson said she had to tell her neighbors on Facebook because they didn't get notified about the gas leak.

She said she's thankful for the warning from authorities and crews acting quickly to contain the area, but still believes more should be done to prevent the worst from happening.

"Stuff happens with these wells and there's no kind of emergency notification that comes out. Or no type of sirens to warn you. It is pretty scary,
said Wilkerson.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission Oil and Gas Division is set to inspect the well.
All roads are now open to normal traffic.

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