Lawton women shelter speaks on #metoo movement

Lawton women shelter speaks on #metoo movement

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton woman spoke out on the growing #Me Too movement.

The words "me too" have been posted on social media in mass after a Hollywood actress tweeted about sexual harassment. The post and has grown into a movement drawing attention to sexual assault and sexual harassment and the magnitude of these problems.

New Directions program director Kerrie Matthews said she has seen a lot of women who are victims of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. She said people don't realize just how many victims there are.

"When you start putting it out there and everybody is putting the "me too" on their timelines or on their twitter feeds, however they're going to do it. You start to see, there are a lot of people that have impacted and affected by sexual assault or harassment," Matthews said.

She was happy to see the post on Facebook because these kinds of issues are not things people like to talk about.

"And I think that's why it continues to go on and on and on is because people won't tell, won't say that it happened to them," Matthews said. "Just like all these people that are putting it on there, they may have not even told anyone and so now they feel conformable enough and they feel supported enough to come forward."

Matthews said the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have helped women and men everywhere realize they're not alone.

"With this getting, out I'm hoping that it's going to make more people come forward and talk about what has happened to them," she said.

Matthews said if you've ever been sexually assaulted, know there are people that you can talk with to help you work through it.

She said New Directions has a 24-hour hotline you can call to receive free counseling or learn about other resources.

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