Local Law Enforcement Agencies up for K9 Grant

Local Law Enforcement Agencies up for K9 Grant

APACHE, OK (KSWO) -A $5,000 grant is on the line for some of our local law enforcement agencies.

The grant would help cover the cost of a police K-9, but they need your vote to take home this award.

The K-9 grant is made possible by the company, Aftermath. The nationwide cleanup company helps families and communities after traumatic events such as homicides, suicides, unattended deaths.

Since they often work closely with law enforcement and first responders, the grant is their way to give back.

The winners are voted on by the public.

There will be five winners. First place will received five-thousand dollars.

All of the money will go towards the departments K9 programs for maintenance, safety equipment, or officer training.

About 3 thousand law enforcement agencies across the country were nominated...including the Comanche County Sheriff's Department, Lawton Police Department and Apache P.D. Apache's Police Chief says this is something they've been hoping to add to their department for a long time.

$15,000 to $20,000... that's about how much it is for law enforcement agencies to get, train and manage a K-9. Krandall Kahrahrah the Apache Police Chief says the K-9's would make a big difference in this community

"It's just kind of like every town here in Southwest Oklahoma, everybody has a drug epidemic," said Kahrahrah. "We have a lot of issues with drugs. It would definitely be beneficial to have our own K9 that we can utilize."

The K-9's would do more than just finding drugs.

"They can be utilized in the schools, we can do demonstrations, everybody has drug week," said Kahrahrah. "It's something we can bring out to show the kids, so I think it's something that would be really good for the community."

While the grant may not cover the entire cost of a K-9, every dollar given to the Apache Police department will go a long way, especially with how tight money is right now in our state.

"It's quite a bit of money to raise, so anything helps to reach that ultimate goal," said Kahrahrah.

Kahrahrah wants to thanks those who nominated them and those who plan to vote.

"Whoever nominated us, I appreciate it," said Kahrahrah.

If you would like to vote for the Apache Police Department or any of the other local law enforcement agencies so they can receive this grant. You can go to https://www.aftermath.com/k9-grant/. You can only vote once a day and it ends November 7th. The winners will be announced on the 10th.

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