Elgin player scores inspiring touchdown

Elgin player scores inspiring touchdown

ELGIN, OK (KSWO) - A heartwarming story out of Elgin Tuesday as Greg Osborn, an intellectually disabled 7th grader on the Elgin Football team, scored a touchdown.

It was all a part of Elgin's Winter Wishes program, which asked each student to make a wish for one of their classmates. Two students wished to see Greg score his first ever touch down, so the teachers and coaches got right to work.

Greg said he loved scoring the touchdown and it was awesome to celebrate with his teammates afterward.

The entire stadium stuck around after the game as the two teams were staying on the field for one final play. It was all thanks to the wishes to two players who wanted to thank Greg for all he's done for them.

"Greg does so much for the team and we just think he deserves something special from the football this year since it's the first year in school," Greg's teammates said. "We just wanted to make sure he had that chance to do something for the team as well."

Greg was as happy as could be, pumping his fists and high fiving everyone in sight after his big score. His dad, Todd Osborn, wasn't too far from the end zone, and said he was thrilled to see his son having so much fun.

"Thank you, Jesus. That's about it. Thank you, Jesus. It's a good life. It's good. Great for him, great for him, mama. We loved it, it was awesome," Osborn said.

Greg had a few more words for everyone at home who might see this story.

"Yea. Always win."

Elgin's Winter Wishes will continue this December, you can find more information on that here.

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