Volleyball team raises money for cancer centers

Volleyball team raises money for cancer centers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton Christian School raised around thousand dollars at their 4th annual Pink Out Night on Tuesday.

The money raised will go to the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma for their transportation program to help cancer patients get to their appointments at the centers.

The Junior High and High School 2017 volleyball state champions traded in their blue and white jerseys for pink ones to raise money for cancer patients.

"I think it's awesome that they're actually celebrating this and that we can give money to these people," said junior high volleyball player Kyndra Cunningham.

Head volleyball coach Alisha Corrales said they used to have a staff game as a fundraiser for the volleyball program and the girls wanted to change it to a pink night.

"We decided if we're going to do a pink out night we were going to put purpose to our pink and make the donations go to the cancer center, " Corrales said.

The event hits home for 6th grader Cunningham because her mom beat cancer last year and she saw just how much cancer can impact someone.

"I feel like it really helps because my mom had to have people drive her every time and she just didn't feel really well," Cunningham said.

She said she and her family had faith that her mom would beat cancer and they're thankful that she's alive today.

"We all prayed and gave thanks to the Lord when she was cured of cancer and we were so happy," Cunningham said.

Corrales said all of the players are talented and the high school team has won three of the past four state championships. One thing they're trying to teach the girls is to use their talents for good.

She adds one of the best parts is that it brings the school together.

"This is a very close topic to our hearts this year because we lost a board member to cancer this year and our superintendent's husband and so all of us in the LCS family are behind fighting cancer and supporting cancer survivors," Corrales said.