OHP searching for hit-and-run suspect

OHP searching for hit-and-run suspect

TILLMAN COUNTY, OK (KSWO)- A Fredrick man was killed Thursday night in a hit and run crash and now Oklahoma Highway Patrol is looking for answers.

22-year-old Dillon Barnard was driving a motorcycle on State Highway 5 at the intersection of County Road 218 west of Frederick when the crash happened.

OHP said his motorcycle went left of the centerline and hit a vehicle.

Trooper Mitchel Witt said Dillon Barnard was getting off work and heading home when the unexpected happened.

"He impacted an unknown vehicle which caused his fatal injuries," said Witt.

Barnard was found next to his motorcycle on the ground and was pronounced dead before authorities arrived.

OHP was notified of the crash around midnight.

Witt said are just trying to put together all the pieces.

"Taking measurements of the accident scene of all the evidence on the scene and piece together what happened with the second vehicle we've been unable to find," said Witt.

He said he believes there are numerous reasons a person might run after an crash.

"If it was a large piece of farm equipment there's a slight possibility they didn't know the impact of a motorcycle," said Witt. "They might not have felt it."

He said although that is unlikely, they are investigating all possibilities.

"If there was alcohol involved or an unlicensed driver involved," said Witt. "Those are several reasons why somebody would leave the scene."

Witt sends a message to other motorists that may find themselves in the same situation.

"No matter if it's your fault or not it adds to your guilt when you leave the scene of an accident," said Witt. "We definitely look for the reasons why you left the scene and that will definitely be under investigation when we find this vehicle and we will find that vehicle."

Witt said the incident is still under investigation and may take several days to complete.

If you have any information you are encouraged to call Troop M in Altus at 580-477-2765.

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