Bark in the Park event helps rescued animals

Bark in the Park event helps rescued animals

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- Man's best friend stepping out in fun costumes to help, that's what was happening at the 12th annual Bark in the Park at Fuqua Park.

The event raises money for dogs who are still looking for their fur-ever home.

Pet owners got the opportunity to show off their four-legged friends and adopt a new animal.

Ariana Wiggins and Bayle Bucceri brought their dogs out.

They've been coming out to the event for a couple years now.

Wiggins said she adopted her dog from Stevens County Humane Society last year and on Saturday they showed their support for the pet and family friendly festival.

"I brought my dog and dressed her up,” said Wiggins. “I just think it's a great experience she got to come out with all the other dogs because there are not many dog affiliated things in Duncan."

However, that wasn't the case.

Pet owners got the chance to submit their dogs to various contests including, weiner bobbing, weiner races, and best pet costume.

"We did the best costume. We had to do the adult section,” said Wiggins. “Clearly, they should have won, but we don't always get everything our way,” said Bucceri.

However, Bucceri said it's not just the competitions that make this event special but the purpose behind it.

"It's a great experience to bring other dogs out that aren't adopted because it gives them a better chance,” said Bucceri.

Which is exactly what Bark in the Park chairman Patti Whitaker said was the goal of the day---to raises awareness for abandoned or abused animals and find them a place to call home.

Bark in the Park raises money to do just that.

“People see our gorgeous dogs up for adoption, and they see how we take care of them they're healthy,” said Whitaker. “We hope that they consider adopting rather than shopping if they are getting ready for a dog.

"Adopt. Don't shop!" said Bucceri.

Witaker said Saturday was the largest Bark in the Park event they've ever had.

The first year the shelter raised 15- thousand dollars and this year she said they will exceed their goal of 50-thousand dollars.

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