Tillman County gets new Jail Administrator

Tillman County gets new Jail Administrator

TILLMAN COUNTY, OK (KSWO) -Tillman County residents might see a relatively new face around town and at the Law Enforcement Center... Michael Logan is the new Jail administrator.

He's been working for the county just over a month now, and being a Frederick native, he has a lot of goals to better his hometown's jail.

As you might remember, the Tillman County Jail lost most of it's inmates earlier this year due to the Department of Corrections terminating it's contract with the jail. Since then, they've been on survival mode, trying to figure out how to get a contract with other agencies to house inmates and bring money in.

Ever since Michael Logan started his role as jail administrator, he has been renovating the it... re-doing the floors, ceilings and inmates cells. His other priority is fixing the budget issue due to the loss of most of their inmates.

"We're trying to reach out to different agencies and see if we can contract for offenders to help get back on track for our budget as well as our staffing," said Logan.

He says his past experience as a dispatcher in Tillman County and working for the department of corrections is going to help him accomplish these goals.

"I'm back home and I get to do some more improvement in my hometown. It's sentimental you could say. I've never ran away from challenges. I've always been encouraged by challenges."

Logan understands money is tight in the state right now, but he encourages the residents of Tillman County he's doing everything he can to keep this jail open.

"It's a slow process, we do have a couple of bites that we're reaching out," said Logan. "We will be meeting with the US Marshals office in hopes that we can contract with them. We also have various calls with other agencies. hoping that we can contract."

He says he wants to continue to grow the relationship between the community and the local law enforcement. Right now, he's still getting used to the swing of things.

"It's new," said Logan. "It's different. There are many things I still have to learn. I'm having to learn county policies. I am having to learn policies of jail standard and the way they do it on this side."

And, To the residents of Tillman County, Logan says...

"They have a great team," said Logan. "The Sheriff is great. Great dispatchers. Great jailers. I am just glad to be a part of the team. They need to know we are working hard to try and keep the jail open to keep things motivated and to keep things focused for Tillman County."

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