First responders perform postwide exercise on Fort Sill

First responders perform postwide exercise on Fort Sill

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) -You might of heard sirens going off around Fort Sill on Tuesday. It was all a part of a train derailment and hazmat spill exercise.

Once a year, emergency responders from the Fort Sill, local and regional agencies come together to work on a scenario.

In Tuesday's training, soldiers staged injuries and waited for emergency responders to show up to help.

The responders are evaluated on their ability to accomplish their tasks.
It includes things like, decontaminating, warning the public, caring for displaced people or transferring and tracking casualties

As soon as a disaster call, like a train derailment comes out, First responders get to the scene and treat the victims. Then decide if the surrounding areas should shelter in place or evacuate to prevent further harm.

"This is something that's catastrophic that's considered a mass casualty event that affects several hundred people on any jurisdiction," said Clint Langford, The Fort Sill Fire Chief. We have got to prepare for those type of incidents just like our normal every day incidents."

Langford says once they have some sort of stabilization, they will go stop the chemical leak.

Bobby Klein, The Assistant Chief of Operations says they normally train monthly on hazmat situations, just not to this extent with all the other agencies.

"It's very important," said Klein. "It allows us to test what we have trained on and evaluate more areas we need to train on more."

Even after 16 years of being a firefighter, he still learns something at each exercise.

"I took away how many resources an incident like this requires and how our community can support one another in a large scale incident like this," said Klein.

Langford encourages the community to also be prepared and know what to do if something like this really happened.

"We need the public to be aware of things that will help them," said Langford. "If they call for shelter in place. what does that mean. what items might they need in their home, what procedures do they take. If they evacuate, what do they evacuate with. Having a preparedness plan of what type of emergency might affect them in the area and what they need to do."

Officials say if you have any questions about what to do when an emergency or disaster happens in your area, you can go to

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