Local band makes their dream a reality

Local band makes their dream a reality

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Starting up a band is something many teens only dream of. But a couple of young men out of Walters are now living that dream.

They call themselves Cross County Revenue and they've been playing together as a band for about a year and a half now. 20-year-old Gannon Fremin is the lead singer for CCRev. He says they're sound is what he calls Red Rock. A little bit red dirt, and a little bit of rock.

"None of us are really the leader of anything," says Fremin. "We're just kind of all just equal between everybody. We all get along pretty well. Makes it easy."

Fremin also writes the songs. But lead guitarist Travis Julian says when it comes to the music, the band works together.

"I'll make up the guitar part for it. And Wade will make up the base line or Tyler gets the drums. And Ryan will do the keys. And then we all just kind of put our own twist on it," says Julian.

"I love Dave Grohl," says drummer Tyler McCartney. "He's one of the best drummers ever. I love any type of rock n' roll."

McCartney says he's had a drum set for probably 10 years, but didn't start playing until maybe 3 years ago. "The best feeling in the world is when you're up there and people are singing your songs back to you. That was the best feeling I've ever felt. And I just want it to keep going."

Keyboard player Ryan Demarcus says "A lot of the venues we play at like Red Dirt and stuff have their own websites on Facebook. And they say 'hey we've got these guys coming on this night.' And we get to share that so all of our fans can see where they're going or the people who like the venue can see it."

Demarcus says social media has played a big part in helping them grow their fanbase. "It's a big blessing because the younger people, that's all they do is get on their phones. That's how they see us."

"There's a bunch of places that we can't play because we can't get in, because we're not 21, says Fremin. "So they say, 'oh you can't come here and play.' So we're just kind of getting back at them by calling our album Underage. Just like, 'we're underage, whatever we don't care. Listen to this."

Their album has 6 songs on it including their single 'Vernon' and is available on iTunes for purchase, which they say has been a long process, but it was all worth it.

"There's been a bunch of downloads, way more than we ever expected. So that's pretty cool. We're pretty proud of that," says Demarcus. "We've had lots of money, time poured into it. I'm not gonna say we're the greatest ever or we're the best. But I am pretty proud of it, and I'm sure everyone else that'll hear it will be proud of it too."

To find out where Cross County Revenue's next concert will be, you can go to their Facebook page.

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