Lawton woman believes Halloween decorations destroyed

Lawton woman believes Halloween decorations destroyed

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton woman came home to a shocking sight this week, saying her Halloween decorations were torn off her house while she and her husband were at work.

Fiona Kerchee said she doesn't understand why someone would do this. She said her neighbor's decorations were left untouched, but about half of hers were torn down, balled up and thrown into her trash can.

The tape was left on her brick wall showing where the décor used to be. Kerchee said she knows they didn't blow off on Tuesday because they survived last weekend's storm.

She said this is her first time living in a house and she was excited to decorate her own home but that excitement quickly went away.

"I was very angry and mad," Kerchee said. "I had mixed emotions, like I wanted to be sad and mad at the same time and then again, I was like oh it's just material items, they can be replaced but at the same time you know we worked hard."

She said she and her step-daughter recently got the house ready for the upcoming holiday.

"We did it with her so that you know try to make memories but you don't want your stuff taken down either. She comes this weekend and will be like 'what happened to the stuff?' Well, someone took it down. You know we worked really hard on what we did put up," Kerchee said. "Her and I made the little pumpkins and the little spider webs."

Kerchee explained that they had pumpkins and spider webs lining the outer wall, and twice as many handmade bats that lined the garage and wrapped around the house.

She said she won't let the incident stop her fun, though.

"Just cause you took it down doesn't mean that it's going to stop me from being festive," she said. "Like, I love Halloween, I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, I love to decorate that's what I'm going to do."

Kerchee has already started to cut more bats to replace the ones on her garage.

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