Family nearly loses home after fire

Family nearly loses home after fire

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) -An Altus couple is asking for your help after losing nearly everything in their home after it caught fire Sunday morning.

It happened around 7:00 a.m. off South Park Lane and Darla in Altus. One of the homeowners had turned on the stove without realizing there was a pan of grease on top. They tried to put out the fire themselves, but it spread too quickly. The couple was able to get out in time without getting injured.

The Red Cross put them in a motel for two nights. Now, as the cleanup process starts, they're hoping the community can donate food or clothes and keep their spirits up.

After what's been a hard year already for Kellie Robinson and her family, her father and step mother, Jimmie and Melba Hazzard's home goes up in flames.

"When I get a phone call that early, especially from Melba, I'm thinking something is wrong," said Robinson. "The only thing she said is the house is on fire. I said well hang up. I'm calling 911."

Robinson says after her dad had a stroke earlier this year he doesn't get around very well. He got cold Sunday morning, turned on the stove and didn't realize there was a pan of grease burning on top. Robinson says it was so hard to encourage him and let him know accidents happen.

"In all my 51 years on this earth, I have never seen my dad cry," said Robinson. "I said Jimmie, you've got faith and he said I used to, I said no sir, we are not going to speak like that. You've got faith. Accidents happen and this too shall pass. We are going to get through it together as a family and as a community."

Melba Hazzard says after 20 years of making memories in this home together, she thought it was all going to burn to the ground, but thankfully it's still standing.

"Terrible," said Hazzard. "Terrible. Terrible. I thought my life was over almost."

She says the support from the community has been overwhelming. Neighbors pitching in lending a helping hand.

"We appreciate it very, very much and we know about everybody in town," said Hazzard. "If I don't, he does."

Robinson encourages others to never take a single day for granted.

"They got out alive," said Robinson. "Thank God for that because what's inside can be replaced, lives can't. That I am very thankful for."

The family is working on setting up a Go-Fund-Me account, but until then, Robinson says you can contact her at 580-649-1730.

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