State Agencies offer free child car seat inspections

State Agencies offer free child car seat inspections

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Today the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and Safe Kids Oklahoma teamed up to install and inspect child car seats.

According to Safe Kids Oklahoma more than 50 percent of car seats are put in incorrectly.

"So we are out here to combat that the leading killer of kids in Oklahoma is due to motor vehicle crashes," said Herring.

Some of the most common mistakes people make when installing a car seat is not having the harness tight enough, and not locking the seat belt.

"When we have forward facing kiddos there is a thing called a top tether and sometimes we don't use those sometimes it may just be one or two things those things can cause that car seat not to perform properly in a crash which could cause really serious injuries," said Herring.

A recent survey showed 92 percent of Oklahomans put their children in car seats, but Herring said that number can be much better.

"It's important to make sure that number one we have our kids in car seats because we give them the best chance of surviving a car crash but making sure those kids are restrained properly is extremely important and protecting our most vulnerable passengers," said Herring.

That includes Justin Bevens' daughter. He knew her car seat wasn't properly installed

"It's very important because if it is improperly put in the kid could get hurt or all of the passengers could because the car seat could go flying up and hit the driver," said Bevens.

This is the third year the The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority and Safe Kids Oklahoma have teamed up. They have already inspected car seats in Oklahoma City, and Tulsa

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