Day of the Dead celebration

Day of the Dead celebration

OKLAHOMA CITY (KSWO) - Day of the Dead is an Aztec tradition that is celebrated around Latin America and the U.S., where people remember and honor their deceased family and friends.

Photojournalist Elizabeth Skahill went up to Oklahoma City's event to learn more about it.

People gathered to celebrate the day of the dead festival in the plaza district in Oklahoma City.

“We just celebrate our dead and remember our people that past on before us,” Rosa Anderson, an event participant said.

Anderson says they put pictures of their loved ones on altars to remember them.

“We have candles and we build altars and we just decorate with lots of bride colors and we do like breads and things like that,” Anderson said.

Anderson explains that the altar is a way to help guide their family spirits down to celebrate with them.

“We usually put like four elements on it like earth and fire and water and wind. It [fire] lights the way, it lights the path for them,” Anderson said. “So, they can find their way to us, and they actually come. You know their spirits come and visit us on this day.”

“I love the day of the dead, I love the culture, I love celebrating,” Veka June, another event participant said. “I love teaching my children about it, because I think it is important to share different cultures with our children. So, they can learn about the world and have a better understanding of the people.”


Jadira Montoya says they bless their vehicles and the people in them.

“In the Azteca group, we blessed each other first and then we continue, so we can have any bad vibes gone from us, any negative vibes that have followed us,” Montoya said. “We kind of kill that vibe there and we thank God for the blessings that he is giving us. We celebrate a culture that runs through our bloods. This is an Indigenous, you know spiritual thing we do, that is very sacred to us.”

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