Fire officials prepare for high fire dangers

Fire officials prepare for high fire dangers

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-While some of you may be happy to see the heat return, it's also bringing a bigger issue -- increased wildfire danger.

With the dry conditions and strong winds, local fire crews want to make sure they are prepared for whatever happens.

Officials with the Lawton Fire Department say there are three major contributors that could turn grass into a large fire; high heat, low humidity, and strong winds.

When most people think of wildfire season, they think of summertime due to higher temperatures.

But Assistant Fire Chief Thad Hulbert said the fall to winter seasons can be just as dangerous.

"People just need to be careful at this time of year,” said Hulbert.

Hulbert said his crew is always prepared for a wildfire, starting with the equipment they use.

"Typically, it's just a pumper or an engine but in high wind conditions we will also dispatch one of the other units,” said Hulbert.

Like this fire truck equipped with large tires to get over terrain.

He said it's important to be prepared for a fire at any time especially when you least expect it like while grilling, welding and more.

"With vehicles and trailers make sure your mufflers aren't dragging, chains aren't dragging,” said Hulbert. “Discard cigarettes safely."

He said it's also important to exercise caution when putting out cigarette butts that could easily spark a flame.

He offers these tips for people who may accidentally start one.

"They should immediately call 911,” said Hulbert. “Take every precaution. Have a hose with them."

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