Geronimo to vote on school bond proposal

GERONIMO, Ok (KSWO) - In just under two weeks, residents of Geronimo will vote on a school bond worth just under $500,000.

The bond is broken up into two propositions.

The first will be for $235,000 and will be used to complete construction on the high school and middle school building. A bond was passed to build those buildings in 2006, but the town did not see as much growth as they expected, so they now need money to make up for that deficiency. If the bond is not passed, they will be forced to cut into their operating budget for next year to complete the bond.

The other proposition is for $240,000 and would be used to purchase new school buses. The two buses they hope to replace have been in use for 13 years and have been greatly impacted from traveling down dirt and gravel roads during that time.

The election is November 14.

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