Geronimo voters to decide on school bond

Geronimo voters to decide on school bond

GERONIMO, OK (KSWO) - Geronimo residents will soon vote on a $475,000 school bond.

The bond will be broken up into two propositions. One is for $235,000 that will make up a deficiency from a 2006 school bond. The other, for 240,000 to be used to purchase new school buses.

A school bond passed in 2006 paid for the construction of a new Geronimo middle and high school.

"At that time, there was expected growth. There was growth in Elgin and Cache and there was something going on at Fort Sill that was expecting things to grow more. There was some growth but it wasn't as much as was anticipated over the years," said Geronimo Superintendent Bill Pascoe.

Because fewer people moved to the area and there was less money coming in, what was expected to take 10 years to complete took a little bit longer. So, $235,000 will be used to offset that, keeping them from having to dip into their general operating budget.

Another 240,000 will be used to purchase two new school buses, which Pascoe said are desperately needed.

"The ones were looking to get rid of have lasted 13 years," Pascoe said. "When you take buses and put them out on those dirt and gravel roads for 13 years it takes a toll on them. There's starting to be quite a bit of maintenance money that's spent on them just to keep them going. That's just a real drain on the general fund."

Pascoe said the bond will not have much of a financial impact on the community. Residents currently pay for past bonds through their property taxes. If these bonds are passed, they will simply extend the current bond their paying by one year.

"We're bonded right now through 2021," Pascoe said. "This bond will extend it one year. We would be bonded through 2022. We'd go one year and the mills would drop down from the high 20s down to about 20."

The election is November 14th.

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