Boy Scouts receives grant in honor of late member

Boy Scouts receives grant in honor of late member

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- A Lawton man who died from brain cancer last year was remembered in a special way on Thursday.

A $2,500 grant was given to The Black Beaver District of the Boy Scouts of America in honor of Lee Sanger, who was once an active member.

"It's nice to have him honored in some way,” said Chelle Sanger, Lee Sangers wife.

Chelle said The Boy Scotts have always been a part of their family.

Lee was a boy scout as a kid and a Webelos leader as an adult.

Chelle said Lee supported the organization and shared his experience with their children.

"Camping with them and teaching them the morals and values of Boy Scouts,” said Chelle.

State Farm agent Jason Hosch said having the opportunity to give to the Sanger family in this special way while helping others is just like Lee.

"It means so much to us to be able to give back to the community in his memory because he did spend so much time, 28 years, in Lawton giving back to the community,” said Hosch. “I think we all look up to someone like that."

Black Beaver District director Brittany Fraser said the donated money will be put toward Black Beaver District's scouting program.

She said the money will help facilitate scouting for nearly 800 kids in the program.

"We're so incredibly grateful for this grant,” said Fraser. “It makes all the difference and the community's support by the Sangers and State Farm are incredible."

Chelle said the day reminds her of how proud she will remain of Lees work and is confident the donation is the best way to keep his memory alive.

“He liked to help people,” said Chelle. “He loved to help people."

The Boy Scouts of America also presented the Sanger family with a "Prepared for Life" plaque to remember Lees dedication to the organization.

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