Families worried about possible cuts affecting adult day services

Families worried about possible cuts affecting adult day services

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Families are wondering what they're going to do after the Department of Human Services announced that Adult Day Services are amongst the programs that could be eliminated come to the end of the month.

611 people use Adult Day Centers, which gives low income disabled and geriatric people a place to go while their caretakers work.

James Lipe said his wife Donna suffered a stroke in 2015 and goes to Goodwill's' Adult Day Center which is made possible through funding from DHS.

"Without a service like this, I would literally have to stay at home," James said. "You can't pay bills if both of us are staying at home."

Which is an option they're having to consider after finding out about the possible cuts.

"I can't leave her by herself so if something happens to her while I was gone, it would be pretty upsetting," James said. "Goodwill's been very good to us and I don't know what else I can too because I can't afford a nursing home."
Elizabeth James's mom Ida Rue also goes to the center every day. Rue is in her 70's and suffers from Alzheimer's.

"I was noticing a rapid decline and one day on Facebook I expressed my frustration about not having a place she could be involved and she just sat at home by herself and what it was doing as far as her capacity," Elizabeth said.

That's when she learned about the services available.

"She's made social friends here, which is good for her Alzheimer's," Elizabeth said.

Like Lipe, the cuts could also affect Elizabeth job.

"I would have to quit my job and stay at home with her full-time or put her in a nursing home which isn't an option," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth said she's praying lawmakers will come up with a solution.

The cuts could also affect around 20 people in Lawton who work for Goodwill in their workforce employee program because that's another program that could be affected by the cuts.

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