OHP advises about Bedlam traffic

OHP advises about Bedlam traffic

STILLWATER, OK (KSWO) - On Saturday, the focus of much of the state will be on the Bedlam football game between OSU and OU. The game will be in Stillwater, where folks have been marking their tailgate spots for days now.

It's turned into a big deal - ESPN will be there for their college game day show Saturday morning, and the students have been trading off holding spaces near where the show will be.

And it's not just students on campus that are excited about this game, OHP says one reports indicates that 20,000 vehicles are estimated to be on the roads in that direct area tomorrow.

OHP trooper Dalas Anderson says they will be out in full force this weekend, hoping that their presence will help ensure everyone can have a safe and fun time surrounding the Bedlam game.

"It's a good time for everybody. We're just like everybody else, we want to go out and have a good time," Trooper Anderson said. "Our biggest deal is keeping people safe. Keep everybody safe so everybody can have a good time. Everybody can go up there and everybody can get back home in one piece. We don't have any major incidents or anything like that."

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