Gabriel's House expanding services to Empire Public Schools

Gabriel's House expanding services to Empire Public Schools
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

EMPIRE, OK (KSWO) -Empire Public Schools will soon have a new after school program. Gabriel's House in Duncan is expanding their services to students and parents in the district.

The program will be held at Fair Baptist Church. Gabriel's House will provide a group of trained teachers and volunteers. Students will receive a dinner, snacks, and help with homework.The school will provide transportation to the church after classes starting in January.

"We are very excited just because we spent 20 years serving the kids in Duncan and so the kids outside of Duncan will get to enjoy Gabriel's House enrichment's as well," Carrio said.

As a parent, Executive Director for Gabriel's House Dee Carrio, knows what this program means for Empire.

"My children are at Empire and so I've seen a need," Carrio said.

In the past, there was an after school program at the Fair Baptist Church, but it ended.

"Some church members came to me and asked what it is that Gabriel's House can do and how can we partner," Carrio said.

The program at Empire will mimic the one in Duncan providing students with daily devotionals, and character building curriculum. Fair Baptist Church Pastor David Spangler believes it will be a stress reliever on parents.

"There is no day care provision out here, and this is a wonderful place for the children to come, and many parents don't get off work and latch key children they will have a place here where they can interact and have good supervision, trained people, who will be able to interact with the children," said Spangler.

The support from Fair Baptist Church means a lot to Empire Elementary School principal Josh Skiles.

"They are there for us anytime we need them, they help us in service, and now we are going too extend that too and joining up and working with out students," said Skiles.

Open enrollment begins next week. The program is also looking for volunteers. If you would like to enroll your child or sign up to become volunteer call Gabriel's House at 580-252-4782. The program will start January 3rd.

Their goal is to have 50 to 75 kids in the program.It costs $75 dollars per child per month. It's $100 dollars for two children and $125 for three children.
Gabriel's House also offers help with tuition.

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