CMS students use postcards to learn about United States

CMS students use postcards to learn about United States
[Source KSWO]
[Source KSWO]
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Central Middle School students are learning about the United States in a unique way.

One of the school's geography teachers is asking people from across the country to send her class postcards from where they live.

She's using those cards to teach her students about different areas of the nation.

"Right now, we are learning about some things about New York,” said Yanivette Ortiz, student.

Friday was the first day the sixth-grade geography class used the postcards to learn about a new state.

Yanivette was one of the students eager to learn, especially about her former hometown.

She is originally from Puerto Rico but moved to Bronx, New York when she was three.

She said the postcard brought back memories.

"It made me feel happy inside because my family is from there and I just feel like we are the same,” said Yanivette.

She said the postcards are not only a fun way to learn, but also offer an opportunity for her classmates to see something new.

"Some friends of mine never been to New York,” said Yanivette.

Which is what geography teacher Tanja Pool said was the goal of the day; to spark student's interest and teach them about the 50 states in an interactive way.

"Not only just general information about each state but they need to be able to identify the culture of those areas and the physical surroundings of those areas,” said Pool.

Yanivette said so far the project is doing exactly that and challenging  her to look beyond the surface of the state she thought she already knew.

"She asks us some questions like what's the great capital of New York, what's the city like and she asks us like what are the foods over there, population and stuff like that,” said Yanivette.

Pool said her hope is that after the project is completed students can feel like they've traveled to those different states without even leaving their seats.

"The snapshot on a postcard can tell you so much about what that place is like,” said Pool. “A lot of our students don't have the opportunity to go visit those places first hand. So, the postcards do a really great job of presenting that information to them."
Pool said they have already received 12 cards. Some from New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania and more.

If you would like to send a postcard to the class you can contact Central Middle School.

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