Sterling VFD needs new equipment

Sterling VFD needs new equipment

STERLING, OK (KSWO)- Sterling Volunteer Fire department was looking to raise 40-thousand dollars to purchase new equipment during their fundraiser on Sunday.

"Everything comes off of fundraisers, and it's all for the community,” said Brian Lawson, Assistant Fire Chief.

Lawson said they are asking for help from the community they risk their lives for...

He said the department is in need of new bunker gear and fire hose.

It’s been 15 years since they've replaced their protective gear and Lawson said he’s concerned about his crew's vulnerability while they are doing their job.

"It's just not safe,” said Lawson. “It starts getting worn and out of date so, the safety factor on it is down."

He said the outdated equipment could possibly prevent them from being able to respond quickly.

"Like if we get called out on structure fires are equipment is out of date,” said Lawson. “We can't go in like we should get in the house to fight the fire or rescue people. So, we have to do our fighting from the outside."

And now with it being grass fire season, he expects his department to be called out next to help.

His only hope is that they can get the assistance they need to better serve the community.

"The winds are kicking up so, the fire danger is getting to get really elevated here in Oklahoma,” said Lawson. “So, we try and keep our equipment updated and more hoses up so we can go out and fight."
He said they plan to hold another fundraiser this time next year.
If you would like to donate you can visit Sterling Fire Department on Main Street in Sterling.

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