Local pastors react to church shooting

Local pastors react to church shooting

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Heartbreak and disbelief. That's the reaction from two local pastors about this weekend's deadly church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. 

"I guess you could say it was surprising to hear about a really small town in South, Texas but I guess we have become accustomed to the fact that these things happen and we don't know where it's going to happen next," said Meador.

"It's not the first church where there has been such a tragedy but we know that there is no place that is completely safe anymore," said Sharp.

26 people were killed in the attack when a gunman opened fire during Sunday morning service.The youngest victim was a 17-month-old girl.

"I think like the nation we mourn first, the families, and the lost loved ones. That small community, the impact that has made upon on them has been so significant it's more than most of us can realize. It would be like for most of us losing several family members all in one tragic accident so we grieve we are saddened we are hurt for them," said Sharp.

"Well the first thing that came to my mind is that there are no real safe places anywhere, and you would think the church would be a place of safety because that's what we all claim God gives safety and protection because he is our Lord but there is really no place we can go that we are not in harms in way because no ones where these acts of terror may happen," said Meador.

But Pastor Janice Sharp said the shooting should not stop people from going to church.

"I would hope that the backlash that people will come to church.That they will stand up and say this is who I am, I will worship freely this is part of my heritage my tradition is knowing that church is the place we need to be . Fear should haven no part in that instead it should be something we look at that we gain the knowledge that this continues to be place where we find our rest and peace with God," said Sharp.

When it comes to preventing another tragedy, Pastor Ron Meador said proactive measures need to be taken,

"I do believe we should be ready because never know what may happen You need to give people as much feeling of security as possible so with that said we do lock our doors after worship starts and we have people patrol the area making sure that if someone comes in we clear them in the building," said Meador.

Both Sharp and Meador said we should continue to pray for the people in South, Texas.

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