UPDATE: Man burns to death following altercation with police

UPDATE: Man burns to death following altercation with police

LINDSAY, OK (KSWO)- The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the death of a man in Lindsay. According to City & LPWA Manager/ DPS Commissioner Stephen A. Mills, Lindsay police were responding to a landowner's call that there was an erratic individual with a gun.

When Lindsay police got to the home, the man took off in his vehicle. Officers were able to block him on a nearby access road. Authorities say the man repeatedly charged at officers with the vehicle, nearly hitting them.

Again, officers commanded the suspect to get out of the vehicle. Officers observed the man moving a gas can around inside the vehicle. They believed that the man was dumping gas in the vehicle and waving a gun.

Eventually, the man exited the vehicle with a lighter. Police told him to drop the lighter. He refused requests and tried to get back inside of the vehicle.

Officials say that officers were forced to make a calculated decision in order to avoid a tragedy like those recently in Texas and New York City. Officers then attempted to save the suspects life by deploying the TASER.

Officials say the man caught on fire when hit by the TASER. An officer who tried to stop the suspect from getting into the vehicle also caught on fire. The officer was hurt and taken to a hospital.

The suspect, still on fire, managed to get back into his vehicle and that is when the gas fumes ignited. The suspect passed away.

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