Great Plains Technology Center hosts drone seminar

Great Plains Technology Center hosts drone seminar

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Farmers, business owners and public safety representatives learned how to incorporate drones into their everyday lives.

The Great Plains Technology Center hosted a symposium called "The Sky is the Limit." It focused on utilizing drone technology in agriculture and beyond.

Drones...we've all heard of them...But do you really know what all they can do?

"Drones are prevalent right now," said
Bill Cunningham, Great Plains Technology Director of Business and Industry Services. "They're everywhere. There are so many of them they are actually causing air traffic control issues, so we want to sort through all of this."

Cunningham says they can be used for agriculture, real estate, emergency management and national security. He wanted to hold this seminar to educate the community on how drones can better their industry.

The VP of Research at OU says they may even have the ability to help meteorologists earlier predict storms and tornadoes.

"The part of the atmosphere that is least well observed is the part from the ground up to about 2-3 miles in altitude," said
Kelvin Droegemeier. "And drones give us the capability to observe that part of the atmosphere frequently and with what we call in situ sensing, so you're not doing it with radars, you're actually doing it with sensors that are in the atmosphere."

They also addressed the negative issues with drones, the biggest one being privacy. But, Droegemeier is encouraged that everyone from state legislatures to private sector companies are working on it.

"I think with any technology people will do bad things with this," said
Droegemeier. "I think us as a society have to balance that with the good that can come from using drones for things like improving forecasting of tornadoes. So we have to make sure there are policies, we protect liberty and people's security, while empowering business."

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