Comanche County tax statements mailed out

Comanche County tax statements mailed out
Comanche County, OK (KSWO)- It's that time of year. 2017 tax statements in Comanche County have been mailed out.
The Comanche County clerk's office sent out more than 54-thousand statements on Wednesday.
If you do owe money on your taxes, the first half will be due by January 2.
The second half is due on March 31.
Comanche County treasurer tells 7News why they mailed out the statements Wednesday:
“The earlier we get them out, the more time that the taxpayer has to get the money in to us kind of keeps them from having to come up with it fast,” said Rhonda Brantley. “It is a bad time of the year with the holidays coming up so they'll have a little extra time to prepare.”

You can pay your taxes online or in person.
If you miss the January 2nd deadline, you have until the 15th before you start accruing interest on your payment.
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