Duncan Power Energy Vampire Program

Duncan Power Energy Vampire Program

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Duncan Power is looking to help customers get rid of old, inefficient appliances through their Energy Vampire Program. 
In return, they'll pay you to participate.It's all about saving you money. The company said getting rid of old refrigerators, freezers and window unit air conditioners will save money on your electric bill.

Duncan Resident Brenda Jenkins said her nearly 30 year old refrigerator was a gift from a friend.She recently got a new one, and the old one was taking up room on her front porch. She heard about the Energy Vampire Program through a friend and decided to give it a try. She already has plans on how she is going to use the money.

"Probably pay my electric bill or put it towards my electric bill, said Jenkins.

Duncan Power is offering $50 for old refrigerators and freezers and $35 for old window units.The refrigerators must be working, and manufactured before 2001. They also have to be between 10 and 27 cubic feet in size.Electrician Steve Dennis said the goal is to conserve energy.

"Not having to build more substations, more generating appliances, our peak summer load is what we are trying to lower, and it also helps the customer save on their utility bill as well. A refrigerator sitting there just running in your garage it can use $15 a month an even up to $20 in the hot summer time," said Dennis.

Household appliances are not the only things that can drain energy.

"Insulation, is probably number one in most homes, and then calking places around doors and not sealed windows that are not sealed up. Old central heat and air units use a lot more electricity just like refrigerators and freezers do," said Dennis.

To qualify for the program all you have to do is call Duncan power, and they will schedule a time to come out and assess the appliances and pick them up. There is a limit of two appliances per customer. You must be a customer of Duncan Power.

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