Lawton Ward 8 candidates campaigning for run-off election

Lawton Ward 8 candidates campaigning for run-off election

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Election day for Lawton is next Tuesday, and the two run-off candidates for Ward 8 are vying for the seat. In September, the candidates for Ward 8 didn't get a majority, so Randy Warren and incumbent Doug Wells are back on the ballot. While most of their messages stayed the same, now the candidates are campaigning for people to come out and vote again.

The two candidates are reminding Ward 8 voters why they are running for city council.

Randy Warren, who served on city council ten years ago, said if he gets elected back on the council. Going through the budget line-by-line would be his first project.

"In order to do the things that we need to do we simply need to find the money to do it," Warren said.

Incumbent Doug Wells is looking to continue his work on the council involving road improvements.

"We've done a $55 million project, but we have about $250 million worth of work that needs to be done so that's something that will be on our minds," Wells said.

One of the big issues for Ward 8 that each candidate hopes to address is the sidewalk conditions.

"When I was on council last time, I tried really hard to get a sidewalk along Gore Boulevard from 52nd to 67th street," Warren said.

"I also want to see sidewalks," Wells said. "I've been working on that for nine years. I think every neighborhood should have a sidewalk at least on one side of the street."

But first, both candidates are spreading the word of the election.

"People need to vote," Wells said. "That's their input in the government at all levels."

"Just getting out there and getting our message out, and again just touching base with the citizens on a one to one basis," Warren said.

Election day is next Tuesday November 14th. The polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Only Ward 8 residents can vote for their city councilmember.

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