Lawton Goodwill Thanksgiving meal may be last due to budget cuts

Lawton Goodwill Thanksgiving meal may be last due to budget cuts
LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-Lawton's Goodwill Adult Day Care Center hosted their annual Thanksgiving meal on Thursday and the center fears it may be their last one.
The reason is because of the budget cuts coming out of the state capitol.
The center has held this annual Thanksgiving dinner since 1992.
Goodwill's Adult Day Services receive funding from DHS, but with the budget bill failing in Oklahoma's House of Representatives last night, that funding may not be coming through.

“Last night with the budget not passing and it directly impacts the elderly and disabled people, a lot of which we serve through this program,” said Missy Beets, Marketing and PR Vice President. “So, as of December first we'll lose most of our participants here because there will be no funding to help them get here to the adult day care service.”

Beets said as of now, they have about 65 participants who use the center every day.

If they lose that funding from the state, they will lose about 35 people after December first.
Now, they're asking everyone for help to make sure that doesn't happen:

“Our hope is that over the next few days if there are six state representatives that change their vote to yes the budget will pass and we are doing everything in our power to get the message out and have people call these state representatives,” said Beets. “There were 27 that voted no and hopefully get at least six of them to change their mind because if we can get it to pass the funding will not be cut on December 1st and that is our number one priority right now.”

Here is the contact information for just three of the state representatives for our area:

RANDE WORTHEN: (405) 557-7398

JOHN MONTGOMERY: (405) 557-7374

JEFF COODY: (405) 557-7307

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