Duncan Fire Department purchases new fire truck

Duncan Fire Department purchases new fire truck

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO)- The Duncan Fire Department has a new tool in helping them fight fires--a new 800-thousand-dollar aerial ladder truck.

The truck has a ladder that's fifteen feet longer than the department's old 60-foot ladder truck.

Duncan's assistant fire chief said the new truck will replace the that one and has more safety features to better equip not just the drivers of the truck but other firefighters.  

"We're hoping that this will be a more reliable truck,” said Rob Loafman, Assistant Fire Chief.

Loafman said the department hasn't purchased a truck since 2011.

Besides allowing them to carry the usual things like water, pump and ladders, it will also have added safety features the old truck didn't have, like back view camera systems that help the driver and inside systems like seatbelt detection.

"It's a full complement for firefighting,” said Loafman.

He said the department had been planning to purchase a new truck and had room for it in their budget.

On Thursday, they were able to install a new communications system.

"It just gives the guys working off of it confidence in having that new equipment and improved technology,” said Loafman.

Loafman said his hope is that the new truck and additions will simply help his team to be better prepared to fight fires.

"Tools, trucks, equipment, anything that aids in our response to the community that's a plus for them and us,”
said Loafman.

Loafman said firefighters will have to go through additional training to operate the truck.

It will be ready for use in a few weeks.

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