New OK budget plan to be revealed in the near future

New OK budget plan to be revealed in the near future

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO)- At the Oklahoma state capitol, House leaders are expected to reveal a new budget plan in the coming days that would include cuts to non-essential services, as well as tap into revolving funds.

The state reportedly has $1.3-billion in revolving funds, which are payments that state agencies get for services.

This comes after this week's budget deal failed to pass by just five votes. The failure to pass a deal has resulted in fingers being pointed on all sides.

Rep. Jon Echols, the Majority Floor Leader, says: "We can't continue to use seniors and our disabled, our elderly, our most informed as political pawns. It is immoral and unjust for the cuts to go into place on December first when we have cash in the bank."

"We're in this situation because the House of Representatives and the Senate passed an unconstitutional bill that purposely tied these vital services to a bill they knew was unconstitutional. In my opinion, the budget was orchestrated to fail," explained Rep. Eric Proctor.

House leaders say they have sent bills to the Senate to clear 70 percent of the budget hole. They say that the Senate so far has not acted on them.

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