Lawton man warns others about porch pirates

Lawton man warns others about porch pirates

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - A Lawton man is warning residents about porch pirates after he said a package was stolen from his front porch on Thursday.

Gregory Battaglia said his doorbell camera caught everything.

"I'm surprised," he said. "He just came in, went out, and that was it. He then drives off to the east."

Battaglia said he didn't even know the package was stolen until his wife asked if it had been delivered.

"So I had seen the UPS guy drop it off earlier. When we looked outside it wasn't there so I just happened to go and take a look at my smartphone and sure enough there was the video," Battaglia said.

He said the thief only got away with a book that his wife ordered, but the incident wasn't the first time a package had been stolen in his neighborhood.

"We've been on the lookout," Battaglia said. "I just didn't happen to be here when it happened. I probably would've heard him if he did because it would've let me know 'hey somebody is at the door'."

Battaglia said he hopes someone will recognize the man in the video and turn him before he steals from someone else.

"I think he's either going to mess up sooner or later and now that people know what he looks like or somebody is going to turn him in now that they've seen him," Battaglia said.

But until that happens, he had a message for the man who stole from his porch.

"We don't come to your house and steal your stuff, don't come stealing stuff at our house, especially with the Christmas season coming up. You're going to make the holidays a lot worse for some people," he said.

Sgt. Timothy Jenkins with the Lawton Police Department had advice for anyone worried about porch thefts. He suggested installing video cameras, requiring a signature or having packages delivered to  the workplace. He said residents could also a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out when a package is expected.

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