Boy Scouts have fun with Veterans Center residents

Boy Scouts have fun with Veterans Center residents

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - At the Veterans Center on Flowermound, the veterans got a little surprise at the end of the Veterans Day weekend. Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts in Lawton came to hang out with the veterans, salute them and have a meal. They also wrote Christmas cards to the service members stationed overseas with the veterans.

But some of the Veterans Day cards stayed in the center for the residents to enjoy.

"They all picked out a card that they liked, and I picked out these two," Veteran Larry Newton said

The around 50 Boy and Cub Scouts that were there on Saturday knew it wasn't just fun and games.

Cub Scout Paul Smith said he knows this can be one of the only times a veterans gets a visitor.

"My teacher told me they went Christmas caroling last year and a veteran started to cry because she said he hadn't been visited in a year," Smith said. "So I feel like it's important for the veterans because these guys haven't been visited in a long time. So I think it's just right to visit them and have fun with them.

This is a new thing these scouts are doing, and they hope is to make it a semi-annual thing to hang out with the veterans.

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