Auto burglaries on the rise in Altus

Auto burglaries on the rise in Altus

A small neighborhood in Altus is keeping their eyes open after a recent spike in auto burglaries.

A school-issued iPad, pocket knife and some cash are a few of the things the thieves took from the cars. Some of the residents in the English Village neighborhood say, they're not too concerned about their safety right now, but they just want it to stop.

In November alone, multiple residents in the neighborhood say their cars have been broken into. It's a small neighborhood directly behind the Altus High School tennis courts.

"Something just prompted me," said 
Debbie Pearce, "make sure your vehicle is locked up. It was beginning to get dark. From the house, I hit the power lock and heard the vehicle horn honk."

Pearce was babysitting her grandkids at her son's home off Cleveland the weekend of November 4th. She locked her vehicle that was parked on the street, but it was already too late.

"Sunday, we began to look for the backpack and couldn't find it," said Pearce. "After making sure it wasn't at any of our houses, I realized it had been stolen from my vehicle."

This just a few weeks after her son's car was also broken into at the same home. Her grandsons iPad, wallet and backpack were taken.

"I'm thinking somebody just walked by and saw it there," said Pearce, "it was something quick to grab and leave. The doors weren't left open. Nothing was damaged on the vehicle. Nothing else was taken in the vehicle which was kind of interesting."

They said they were surprised to learn they aren't the only victims in the neighborhood.

"It's very frustrating when you work hard for a living and you know that his mom and dad worked hard to provide those things for him and also it's a tool that he uses at school."

The homeowner and family said they're ready to put all of this behind them.

"You never know what people's situations are and why they do these kinds of things," said one homeowner who didn't want to be identified. "This is a blue-collar neighborhood. We all work. Fortunately for us, not too much has been taken but who knows when the next person is going to be victimized and loses something important to them."

The homeowner warns other residents to lock their car doors and make sure your garage door opener is not visible because that would give the thief direct access to your home.

If you have any information about these auto burglaries or see anything suspicious, please contact Jackson County Crime Stoppers at 580-482-TIPS.

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