One Year Later: Revisiting Stephens County woman's murder

One Year Later: Revisiting Stephens County woman's murder

STEPHENS COUNTY, OK (KSWO) - One year ago this month, a woman was murdered in Stephens County. Now investigators believe they are close to bringing in the man charged with killing her. Linda Salazar's body was found in a shed behind a mobile home near Marlow. A first-degree murder charge was filed against her ex-boyfriend and father of her child Balthazar Sanchez Garcia just a few weeks later. But Garcia remains on the run

The Stephens County Sheriff said they believe they know where Garcia is, but getting him back to the county has been tough.

Salazar's family who says after a year of heartache, they just want investigator to bring some closure to the case.

"I know that they are doing everything they need to help us, and get Linda justice," Linda's aunt Teresa Corp said.

Corp said the family has been playing the waiting game, but every day it gets harder.

"A year has gone by now so it's been hard for us," Corp said. "Actually, even harder than when it happened because it's real now. We know she's not coming back."

"We're having to use our patience," Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said.

Sheriff McKinney said they are working to bring the man charged with Salazar's murder back to the county to face these charges.

"We have a pretty good idea where we will find this individual," McKinney said. "But it's going through the proper channels that we have to go through that we haven't been able to get very far until recently."

Balthazar Sanchez Garcia was Salazar's ex-boyfriend and father to her child. Corp, with her history in law enforcement, says she can't believe the man she once called family is charged with killing her niece.

"We had the devil in front of us and as a police officer I didn't see it. So I couldn't protect her," Corp said.

Corp sends a message to Garcia on behalf of the family.

"I just want to tell him that for the love that we showed him and at one time maybe he did have for us that he needs to just come forward," Corp said. "He needs to just pay for what he did. Make it right for Linda, make it right for his daughter and make it right for our family."

Sheriff McKinney said it's unknown when Garcia could be brought to Stephens County to face his charges.

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