School bond could impact community

School bond could impact community

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton business and industry leaders are eagerly awaiting the outcome of Tuesday's $99.5 million school bond vote, a question they believe could have wide-ranging and long-lasting economic impacts on the city.

Philip Kennedy, the chairman of the Lawton Economic Development Corporation, said education is something that always comes up when they're talking to companies that are looking to potentially make Lawton their home.

"We've had companies come through, even recently, and ask that and have been concerned with the amount of investment that we've been making currently in our school systems," Kennedy said.

He said businesses want to know if the community is investing in the schools.

"They want to make sure that their families and the families of their employees are receiving a great education. So they want to make sure we as a community are investing in the school system," he said.

Kennedy said potential new businesses also want to make sure they have a pool of educated people to work for them.

He said that while he bond would increase property taxes for Lawton residents,  he and the corporation look at it as an investment in the future of the community.

"This is something that they'll have to weigh and see if they can do but we certainly think that with industries coming in that we can recruit that it's going to make our whole city better," Kennedy said.

More information on the school bond can be found here.

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