Parking lot changes coming to Stephens County Courthouse

Parking lot changes coming to Stephens County Courthouse

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - County Commissioners in Stephens County are working to add more parking spaces to the Stephens County courthouse. A new business is going in across the street which will take up a parking lot the courthouse has been using for years.

District 1 County Commissioner David McCarley said the problems only get worse when people come to the courthouse when they have jury duty in January, April and September. During those times the courthouse sees about 200 people.

"I think every county has issues with parking especially on jury selection days when they call in so many juries. There's just -- there's not a county I think in the state they can accommodate that many extra vehicles. There's no fix unless we built a multilevel parking garage and that's not going to happen."

While McCarley said parking problems can be an issue statewide, the county is hoping to ease some of those problems with a vacant lot they recently purchased that sits to the east, across the street from the courthouse.

"We will free up 48 places immediately around the courthouse," said McCarley.

McCarley said the lot will be for employees and resident, but not everyone likes the solution.

"Well you know over there is rock a way you got people that have to walk in the rain winter is coming on and stuff like that you got people in wheelchairs, and crutches stuff like that," said Tollison.

In addition to the lot, McCarley suggests employees park on the southwest and north corners of the courthouse. Elected officials, judges and first responders will park in the back and the public will park in the front.

"The public only has access to the east entrance. And my suggestion is that we free up all of the 48 spots immediately around the courthouse for the public. That we work for the public. This is a public job we're paid by the public. So I feel they need the closest parking spots to the front door. That is their only access," said McCarley.

The county purchased the lot for about $35,000. They hope to have it cleared and rocked by the next jury selection in January.

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