Police investigating bomb threat at Altus High School

Police investigating bomb threat at Altus High School

ALTUS, OK (KSWO) - Altus Police are still trying to figure out who called in a bomb threat to the high school Tuesday afternoon.

The Altus Police Department, Jackson County Sheriff's Department and Altus Air Force Base participated in the search. Thankfully they didn't find anything.

"This is something that we will take very seriously," said Amanda Davis, Altus Public Schools Public Relations Director. "We will work with our campus police, our campus authorities as well as our local authorities, Altus PD and if we are able to determine where the phone call came from and who the call came from, there will be serious consequences. Our students' lives are not something we want to play around with at Altus."

Davis immediately sent out a phone call to parents letting them know what was going on. She said it's important that parents follow the instructions on those phone call, like on Tuesday when they were instructed to stay away from the school

"In times like this, we really ask for parents to trust the school system and that we do treat your children like our own," said Davis. "Their safety is first and to stay away from the location that way we are able to complete a full investigation without interruptions. We are very thankful our parents were very good today about that."

Davis said the evacuation caused the students to miss their lunch break, but the community stepped up to help with that.

"Several restaurants within Altus stepped up and made large quantities of meals," said Davis. "I think it was McDonald's, Burger King and Whataburger helped us feed over 300 students in a short amount of time today. So, we are definitely blessed along with all of the local authorities that came out and helped us."

Police and sheriff's deputies encourage anyone with information about the threat, to please contact them at 580-482-TIPS.

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