Norman Public Schools under fire following pre-game prayer

Norman Public Schools under fire following pre-game prayer

NORMAN, OK (KSWO)- Norman Public Schools is coming under fire by a national group who says football players violated the separation of church and state. A parent reached out to the Freedom from Religion Foundation after becoming upset about a group prayer that took place before a game a couple weeks ago.

As a result, the group wrote a letter to Norman Public Schools, saying it's "illegal to let a coach pray with their teams because it's school sponsorship of religion." They say it's not illegal for players to pray before a game if its 100-percent initiated by the players. The prayer cannot be led or suggested by the coach.

"There could be a member on the team who doesn't agree with this Christian prayer that goes on, and they're not going to speak out about it."

The parent who complained did not want to talk on camera for fears their child would be bullied. Norman Public School officials are looking into the prayer and the complaint.

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