Artist painting landscapes in every Oklahoma county

Artist painting landscapes in every Oklahoma county

COMANCHE COUNTY, OK  (KSWO) - An Oklahoma artist who is trying to paint all 77 Oklahoma counties in 77 days was in Comanche County on Wednesday to paint number 73.

Tim Kenny is donating 20% of the sales to the Nicole Jarvis Parkinson's Research Foundation out of Norman. Doctor Nicole Jarvis started the research foundation to raise awareness and help fund services for patients after she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

It was a busy day for Kenny because family obligations got him behind, but he's caught up now. He painted a house at 6:30 Wednesday morning before heading to the Quartz Mountains in Kiowa County and then the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Comanche County.

Kenny said he stays at a site for about two hours before going home to finish the painting.

This isn't Kenny's first time doing a quick tour traveling around. A few years ago, he painted all 50 states in 50 days.

He's an abstract impressionist colorist.

"You see mainly greens, browns, and you see the sky. You see blues, except for the sunsets of course, but I don't feel like that's my style," he said. "I tried to do realism, and it's just not my way. So, I throw purples in, oranges, pinks, big colors, nice bright colors."

Kenny said if the painting was purchased beforehand, like the one in Comanche County, he goes where the buyer wants in that county. While the buyer got to pick the spot, Mount Scott, he said this painting is special to him.

"My dad was commandant over at Fort Sill in the 60's so we lived here and we came and climbed Mount Scott many times and did lots of things," Kenny said. "I really think this might be my favorite painting because of the emotional attachment that I have with the painting. It's not finished, but it's my favorite so far."

Kenny said traveling through has made him realize just how beautiful the state is.

"A lot of people think it's not a beautiful state, but it is," he said. "Even the western flatter spots are great in the mornings. The sunrises and in the evenings the sunsets. You can find a beautiful spot in every county."

More than 40 of his 77 painting have sold so far. Kenny is wrapping up his tour this Sunday by painting a spot in Norman that's special to him and his wife.

The painting for Comanche County isn't finished yet, but you can follow his Facebook page Tim Kenny Art to see his work.

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