Stephens County Fairgrounds director disputes audit findings

Stephens County Fairgrounds director disputes audit findings

DUNCAN, Okla. (AP) - Auditors say a fairgrounds official in southern Oklahoma collected more than $15,000 in unauthorized pay and gave unapproved discounts to select vendors.

According to the report, Stephens County Fairgrounds Director Mike Anderson received full compensation for working "less than his hourly full-time status allows." The report's findings also show that unauthorized discounts were given for horse stall rentals resulting in more than $23,000 in lost revenue for the county.

Anderson says he didn't intentionally do anything wrong.

State auditors also accuse Anderson of asking a secretary to change the date of a deposit slip, and of submitting inaccurate and incomplete monthly reports to county commissioners.

Anderson says the auditors have misconstrued the events that occurred.

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